the inspirational speakers who will make mindX the unique event it will be on friday night!

mindX - September 27, 2018

As published on Medium.com

In its essence mindX is an inspirational event which was birthed from the belief that alternative thinkers must share their views with everyone and spark new thoughts to help each and every attendee to expand their mind.

All the speakers of the event are personal acquaintances and friends of organizer Walid Khabbaze and they donated their time to join us and present short talks about their fields of expertise which revolve around self development, mindfulness and alternative ways to approach business and success.

Eight speakers from eight different backgrounds will appear on the mindX stage and more importantly their presence at the event is an opportunity for you to get to meet such well-established and respected individuals whose mere existence can add value to their peers’ lives.

Lambros Ioannou

Lambros Ioannou is a holistic life coach, high performance business coach, mind and communication expert and international speaker. His dedication is to expanding the human potential and his passion is to guide fellow human beings to live the life they love. He founded eQiQ.Coach which offers his services to the public, he also co-founded the Limitless Team which organises motivational seminars across the world.

Thales Panagides

Thales comes from a sport-related background and has become a multi-time Ironman as he is an avid triathlete. His physical activity is directly linked to the power of his thought process and the way he chooses to view life and living in the present moment. Thales is also an entrepreneur and the founder of brazilian-bikinis.net for importing and selling his line of bikinis.

Savvas Trichas

Dr. Savvas Trichas is an academic, a well-respected lecturer and a two time TEDx Speaker both in Las Vegas and Athens. Savvas teaches leadership in various forms; as a part-time lecturer at the Open University of Cyprus and a full-time instructor at the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus. In his career he has collaborated with several prestigious universities and organisations the likes of Stanford University, the University of Durham, the Bank of Cyprus and World Vision.

Fotos Lordos

Fotos is the owner of several businesses as he is a a Network Marketing Leader & Expert. He has led and inspired teams through his trusted and unique motivational speaking style and built a business network in more than 18 countries, training and developing people as well as creating systems for dealing with organisational change.

Artemis Evangelidi

Artemis specializes in a growing field; Holistic Business Law. She is the Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting Group which helps businesses grow through holistic and personalized consulting services which means that along with classic tools that help a business grow and succeed Artemis infuses the aspect of inspiration and motivation. She has worked with leaders and entrepreneurs around the world helping them create conscious businesses.