Event Summary

Inspirational Speeches
At mindX 2.0 we introduced a brand new theme, ‘The Spectrum of Well-being’ in which each spectacular speaker delivered a short, sharp and impactful speech about one of the elements in the Spectrum!

Connecting people’s true essence in a trusted space for a shared inspirational purpose is the order of the day at all mindX events! So our attendees had loads of time to Network before and after the talks; as well as move to the Smooth & Fun Tunes of the 7Seas DJ!

The Secret of Living is Giving
Part of the proceeds were donated to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

Spectacular Speaker Line-up
A fascinating speaker team from diverse backgrounds, each with inspiring stories & experiences to share; including – a renowned Medical doctor (specialising in Holistic medicine & Bio-resonance) – the winning Speaker of the latest Toastmasters Division (Cyprus/Greece/Bulgaria) Contest – a Conscious Leadership Author/Trainer – an NLP Practitioner/Coach/Speaker – and a successful Entrepreneur specialising in innovative start-ups.

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What our guests thought of the event?

  1. 100% of our respondents rated mindX2.0 as excellent and very good!
  2. 79% thought that the content was extremely helpful and very helpful!
  3. 86% thought that the speakers were extremely engaging and very engaging!
  4. 100% thought that the value for money of the event was excellent and very good.
  5. 100% are extremely likely and very likely to attend mindX again.

What our guests said?

‘Community and like minded people’ – ‘Good people bringing a good vibration’ – ‘Mind/body/soul connection, perseverance, gratitude’ – ‘I think it’s a great idea. I love the fact that there was a mix of speakers. I also really liked the different relationship issues that each speaker talked about. Great way of ‘connecting the dots’ – ‘BRAVO, WELL DONE and you’ll go from STRENGTH to STRENGTH’ – ‘I liked the venue very much. Also the speakers were very engaging and genuine which created a warm environment’ – ‘I liked the event as it is something new and Cyprus needs such events’ – ‘Very well organised event, with welcoming, inspiring atmosphere’ – ‘Very nice and friendly people and environment’.


We are ever so grateful to everyone who attended and to the wonderful mindX Team – speakers, artists, designers, videographers, photographers, the 7Seas team, DJs, our sponsors, supporters and the organisers – for making this event possible!

The Speakers & Speeches

Dr. Igor Četojević talked to us about balance, lifeforce, the ‘wholeness’ of our physical well-being and our interconnected with our emotions. Dr Igor, Medical Doctor, acupuncturist and co-author of ‘Your Health, it’s a question of balance’ is the greatly renowned holistic & energetic medicine specialist who helped Novak Djokovic become the world’s number one tennis player.

Andros A Zacharia shared a powerful Toastmasters speech with us. Andros is a magician of numbers by profession. In other words he is an accountant, however his passion lies in life its self and understanding our role within it to help in our evolutionary process individually and holistically.

Artemis Evangelidi is a Holistic business lawyer, an Inspiring Author and Founder & Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting. Her fantastic and inspiring book ‘Life. Thoughts That Make the World Go Round (and up, Not Down)’ is a guide to the Universal Effort of Creating Empowered, Conscious and Socially Responsible People and Businesses.

John Lewis from FAIL4WRD has a passion to help people create, promote and scale their businesses online. John is a serial entrepreneur that has co-founded multiple global brands. He has also helped hundreds of companies scale their businesses with effective marketing.

Sandra Da Silva lives to inspire others to create a successful and fulfilling life. She is an NLP Practitioner & Life Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Speaker. A master in helping people discover their strengths and talents. She quickly gets to the issue, up scales your dreams, removes blocks and excuses.

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