Event Summary

A fascinating team of Speakers from diverse backgrounds, each with inspiring stories & experiences to share; including a TEDx speaker, a multi-time Ironman & Triathlete, a Holistic Lawyer, Entrepreneurs and Professional and Mindset Coaches!

A Party to remember! – fun & entertainment brought to you by the 7Seas team with DJs El Gato and Eden Michelle EGGSTA.

Giving! – all proceeds paid forward to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

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What our guests thought of the event?

  1. More than 80% of our respondents rated mindX1.0 as excellent and very good!
  2. 70% thought that the content was extremely helpful and very helpful!
  3. 70% thought that the speakers were extremely engaging and very engaging!
  4. 100% thought that the value for money of the event was excellent, very good and good.
  5. More than 80% are extremely likely and very likely to attend mindX again.

What our guests said?

‘Inspiration from all speakers’ – ‘Using your mind correctly can change your life’ – ‘Anything can be achieved’ – ‘There are more people like me out there’ – Networking’ – ‘Gratitude is key’ – Enjoy every second of your life!’ – ‘There is a wealth of hidden talent and positive potential among the young people in Cyprus today’ – I loved the energy in the room’ – ‘Love the combination of learning, fun, food, party and giving back’ – ‘I loved the fusion of speakers. Each independent & unique but interlaced with a common goal of love & gratitude’.


We are ever so grateful to everyone who attended and to the wonderful mindX Team – speakers, artists, designers, videographers, photographers, the 7Seas team, DJs, our sponsors, supporters and the organisers – for making this event possible!

The Speakers & Speeches

Thales Panagides is a Multi-time Ironman, avid triathlete, successful entrepreneur and author of the heartfelt and meaningful book ‘Odyssey to the Heart’ – A Guide to Inner Peace. Thales has a zest for life, people and nature. He values gratitude and strives to live in the present moment. Thales’ stories inspire and are always a pleasure to listen to.

Artemis Evangelidi is a Holistic business lawyer, an Inspiring Author and Founder & Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting. Her fantastic and inspiring book ‘Life. Thoughts That Make the World Go Round (and up, Not Down)’ is a guide to the Universal Effort of Creating Empowered, Conscious and Socially Responsible People and Businesses.

Fotos Lordos is an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer – director & owner of several business and a network marketing leader. Fotos has led and inspired teams through his trusted and unique motivational speaking style. He has built a business network in more than 18 countries, training and developing people as well as creating systems for dealing with organisational change!

Savvas Trichas is a three-time TEDx Speaker (Las Vegas, Lausanne, Athens), communication expert, and the author of the up and coming book ‘The Power of Communication’. PhD | Speaker | Lecturer | Trainer | Author – Dr Trichas has collaborated with several prestigious universities and organisations such as Stanford University, the University of Durham, the Bank of Cyprus and World Vision.

Farah Shammas is the Managing Director of St Raphael Resort, Marina & Tower. She successfully leads a team of over 200 staff, oversees the resort’s upgrades & expansion; and heads up the relaunch project, bringing new ideas and concepts to life – such as eco-friendly initiatives as well as Seashells (first hotel vegan-friendly beach restaurant in Cyprus). Farah is a regular contributor to various Cypriot and international publications and a speaker at several conferences.

Lambros Ioannou is a Holistic Life Coach, Speaker, Founder of eQiQ.coach and Co-founder of the Limitless Team. He has guided many people to transform their lives! He is dedicated to expanding human potential and passionate to guide fellow human beings to live a life they Love!

Matheos Galatis is a Professional Coach and Trainer – Founder of The Fresh Perspective Leadership Academy. He is known for quickly getting to the heart of the matter, accessing the truth and catalyzing personal transformation. He has assimilated powerful and authentic approaches to human development; supporting people to gain clarity and certainty in their life and business.

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