‘expanding minds…
one extraordinary experience at a time’



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Awareness Well-being

‘enhanced awareness and well-being for all’

is our Vision

We are passionate about well-being of and guiding others towards healthy lifestyles. After all what do we have if we do not have our health? Both physical and mental.


‘True inspiration is not only uplifting and addictive; it is contagious!’

True inspiration is not only uplifting and addictive; it is contagious! It creates an immediate and deep desire for those inspired to share their awesome experience. ‘Inspire’ from the two words ‘in’ and ‘spirit’ is when emotion flows straight from heart from heart, spirit to spirit; passing all logic, thought, judgement, conditioning and the ego.

mindX was a culmination of our love for growth, public speaking, the many synchronisities, gratitude for life and our wish to give back to those in need.

mindX – Founder & Curator

Feedback From Our Attendees

We’ve helped hundreds of people through our shared mind expanding experiences.

  • ‘Very much needed event in Cyprus…. introducing new ideas and different ways of thinking to assist us in creating a better quality of life and expanding our paradigms.’

    — Ivana

  • ‘My main reason for attending the first mindX was to support my good friends but also the subject matter fascinated me. My lasting memory was standing in my superman pose feeling empowered. I jumped at the chance to go to the 2nd mindX as my interest had been piqued and I wanted to hear more perspectives and outlooks on how the way you think can change your whole outlook of life. I wasn’t disappointed and it started me on my own personal discovery journey. The chosen speakers truly opened my mind to new concepts and I can’t wait for the third one 🙏🙏’

    — Joanna

  • ‘I cannot think of anyone better to organise this kind of event. Bringing like-minded people together… The mindX team walk their talk while enjoying the process in the meanwhile. Progressive thinking and continual improvement are at the core of the mindX events.’

    — Marios

  • ‘The concept of mindX is a great idea bringing like-minded people together to share their knowledge and experiences. Hopefully inspiring others to seek to question life and themselves.’

    — Cathy

  • ‘A unique gathering of people with diverse backgrounds with a common goal of improving themselves. The speakers have different areas of expertise, delivering their speeches with energy and from a place of inspiration. The event is well organised with an ability to share ideas or just mingle with like-minded people. mindX is fast becoming a must for those that take self-development seriously.’

    — George